Monday, April 16, 2012

China Weekly Box Office (04/09 - 04/15): Titanic has arrived, and oh my, what an entrance!

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. Titanic 3D(泰坦尼克号)468m ($74.22m)New113,02010,500,336468m ($74.22m)
2. Love in the Buff(春娇与志明)10.7m ($1.70m)-73.6%32,392321,41769.7m ($11.06m)
3. R.T.T.(迈阿密行动)10.6m ($1.68m)New21,673364,88810.6m ($1.68m)
4. Wrath of the Titans(诸神之怒)9.5m ($1.51m)-91.2%20,180226,460163.9m ($26.01m)
5. New York Assassination(纽约行动)7.8m ($1.24m)New14,002262,1847.8m ($1.24m)
6. Blood Stained Shoes(绣花鞋)6.9m ($1.09m)-74.9%26,033221,43743.2m ($6.85m)
7. The Unfortunate Car(车在囧途)5m ($0.79m)-74.7%21,277169,20427.05m ($4.29m)
8. Love on that Day(爱在那一天)3.15m ($0.50m)New8,112103,3463.15m ($0.50m)
9. John Carter(异星战场)3.03m ($0.48m)-90.2%9,34683,887262.53m ($41.51m)
10. Huang Dao Qing Fei Liao(荒岛情未了)2m ($0.32m)New6,75766,5112m ($0.32m)
(Source, 1 Chinese Yuan == $0.1586)

Titanic re-release set the record for both the biggest opening week ($74.22m vs. Transformer 3's $62.66m) and the largest number of admissions for a week (10.5m vs. TF3's 9.5m) to help the total weekly box office surpass 500m yuan for the first time ever. Happening in April with no holiday help makes the performance even more amazing. Not surprisingly, the best days for Titanic were Saturday (107m yuan/$16.97m) and Sunday (91.6m yuan/$14.53m).

As for how far it could go, the daily pattern so far has not shown sign of frontloadedness, and although Battleship will represent a solid competition, May Day holiday should help its later legs. I fully expect it to break 1 billion yuan for a $160m+ total, and when we take the $44m the original release grossed, it will re-claim the title for the biggest film of all time in China from Avatar.

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