Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thanks to WOKJ, Box Office Derby is Back

A couple of months ago, Box Office Mojo made the unfortunate decision of shutting down their very popular Derby game, where users could show their box office knowledge and skills by predicting each weekend's top 10 films.  I participated in it for more than 7 years, and having that taken away from you in an instant, even though we were not competing for any actual prize, was a very saddening experience.  The great news is that another site which believes in such a game, a site that gave me the first opportunity to write formal box office analysis articles and one that I am proud to remain part of, decided to take upon the task of re-creating the game.  Given the amount of work they needed to do, it is pretty amazing they got everything ready to officially launch the new Box Office Derby at the start of 2012, with more features and charts as well.  If you had formerly played in Box Office Mojo's version, or if you are simply interested in box office predictions and discussions, I would highly recommend you to participate and play.

The predictions for Jan 6 - 8 are now open:

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