Wednesday, December 28, 2011

China Weekly Box Office (12/19 - 12/25): The Flowers of War and Flying Swords of Dragon Gate both surged past 300m yuan

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. The Flowers of War(金陵十三钗)202.5m ($31.93m)+35.0%95,1964,753,521352.5m ($55.48m)
2. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D(龙门飞甲)175m ($27.60m)+22.8%86,3203,810,975317.5m ($49.97m)
3. Dear Enemy(亲密敌人)42m ($6.62m)New26,5521,046,07742m ($6.62m)
4. The Allure of Tears(倾城之泪)24m ($3.78m)New27,625684,93124m ($3.78m)
5. White Vengeance(鸿门宴)1.17m ($0.18m)-92.5%4,63139,433151.07m ($23.53m)
6. Xin Yue Mei Ying(新月魅影)0.96m ($0.15m)New4,32133,9580.96m ($0.15m)
7. Three Idiots(三傻大闹宝莱坞)0.79m ($0.12m)-83.2%1,73323,43512.89m ($2.02m)
8. 1911(辛亥革命)0.42m ($0.066m)-6916,17862.67m ($9.87m)
9. Speed Pioneer(极速先锋)0.30m ($0.047m)New7677,9490.30m ($0.047m)
10. Zhui Ai(追爱)0.25m ($0.039m)-1,6839,8304.68m ($0.74m)
(Source, 1 Chinese Yuan == $0.1577)

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