Wednesday, August 24, 2011

China Weekly Box Office (08/15 - 08/21): Overheard 2 built on the original's success with a gangbuster opening

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. The Smurfs(蓝精灵)82m ($12.83m)-10.9%48,3692,157,327174m ($27.23m)
2. Overheard 2(窃听风云2)79m ($12.36m)New45,9062,330,38379m ($12.36m)
3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2(哈利波特7(下))55m ($8.61m)-56.3%48,4541,452,720371.5m ($57.91m)
4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon(变形金刚3)41m ($6.42m)-46.8%33,1991,009,8521.051b ($163.29m)
5. Season of the Witch(女巫季节)13.2m ($2.07m)New15,177426,90813.2m ($2.07m)
6. Yang Shan-zhou(杨善洲)13m ($2.03m)-27.8%6,848408,03558.4m ($9.10m)
7. Treasure Hunt(无价之宝)8.2m ($1.28m)New13,016267,7118.2m ($1.28m)
8. Shen Zhou 11(飞天)7.4m ($1.16m)-19.6%3,839235,06948.8m ($7.60m)
9. Beginning of the Great Revival(建党伟业)7.2m ($1.13m)-22.6%3,259213,967385.33m ($59.63m)
10. Oceans(海洋)6.2m ($0.97m)+210%8,153197,3898.2m ($1.28m)
(Source, 1 Chinese Yuan == $0.1565)

Hong Kong police films have always been a popular genre in China, but only a few of them received good word-of-mouth, with Infernal Affairs being the most well-known example. Overheard became another one in 2009 and was able to turn a 24m yuan start into a 89m yuan total. Building upon that success, Overheard 2 roared to a 79m yuan 4-day opening. The WOM again appears good, and it should top 200m yuan in the end.

The Smurfs had a solid hold on its sophomore week. 3D family films tend to experience good late legs, so a $40m+ total looks likely. For the big two, Transformers 3 continues to be on track for a $170m finish, while Deathly Hallow Part 2 should gross close to $65m.


  1. WOM for Overheard 2 is even stronger than the first one. All the reviews I've seen rate Overheard 2 higher than Overheard. Any chance Overheard 2 can break 300m yuan?

  2. The next few weeks are not that strong, so it may have a chance if the WOM is really strong. This week will certainly tell.