Tuesday, July 5, 2011

China Weekly Box Office (06/27 - 07/03): Beginning of the Great Revival three-peated while Treasure Inn started well; Panda 2 crossed 600m yuan

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. Beginning of the Great Revival(建党伟业)92m ($14.23m)-14.8%61,1162,714,665310m ($47.91m)
2. Treasure Inn(财神客栈)55m ($8.51m)New48,1181,833,94455m ($8.51m)
3. Kung Fu Panda 2(功夫熊猫2)30m ($4.64m)-34.8%25,992806,885600.5m ($92.69m)
4. Konferenz der Tiere(动物总动员)22m ($3.40m)+29.4%26,793614,86839m ($6.03m)
5. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan(雪花秘扇)15.7m ($2.43m)-4.8%22,924466,70632.2m ($4.98m)
6. The Pretending Lovers(假装情侣)15m ($2.32m)+20.0%26,325489,71527.5m ($4.25m)
7. The Devil Inside Me(夺命心跳)8.3m ($1.28m)New9,649250,7558.3m ($1.28m)
8. Coursier(终极快递)7.6m ($1.18m)New8,146241,2697.6m ($1.18m)
9. Fast Five(速度与激情5)1.85m ($0.29m)-53.8%1,09648,925254.85m ($39.27m)
10. Sky Fighters(歼十出击)1.25m ($0.19m)New12639,4075m ($0.77m)
(Source, 1 Chinese Yuan == $0.1547)

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