Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Box Office Predictions (Jul 29 - 31): Cowboys & Aliens, The Smurfs, and Crazy, Stupid, Love

MoviePredicted Gross (m)Change
1. Cowboys & Aliens37.0$9,867 PTA
2. Captain America: The First Avenger28.0-57.0%
3. The Smurfs26.0$7,658 PTA
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 223.0-51.5%
5. Crazy, Stupid, Love.14.5$4,801 PTA
6. Friends with Benefits10.4-44.2%
7. Horrible Bosses7.4-37.7%
8. Transformers: Dark of the Moon6.6-45.2%
9. Zookeeper5.0-42.5%
10. Cars 23.0-47.0%

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

China Weekly Box Office (07/18 - 07/24): Transformers 3 set all sorts of opening records

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon(变形金刚3)404m ($62.66m)New95,4419,503,646404m ($62.66m)
2. Wu Xia(武侠)16m ($2.48m)-68.9%25,923478,612168m ($25.99m)
3. Mysterious Island(孤岛惊魂)15.7m ($2.44m)-61.9%25,969521,76880.7m ($12.50m)
4. Treasure Inn(财神客栈)5.6m ($0.87m)-62.7%9,840185,185101.6m ($15.72m)
5. Shen Zhou 11(飞天)5.4m ($0.84m)New1,671157,2056.2m ($0.96m)
6. Unthinkable(战略特勤组)5.4m ($0.84m)-72.3%9,833173,52128.8m ($4.46m)
7. Beginning of the Great Revival(建党伟业)5m ($0.78m)-64.3%6,217169,548360m ($55.66m)
8. Legend of a Rabbit(兔侠传奇)3.8m ($0.59m)-68.3%8,560112,65915.8m ($2.45m)
9. Coming Back(回马枪)3.4m ($0.53m)-29.2%10,539124,6358.2m ($1.27m)
10. To Love or Not(一夜情未了)2.3m ($0.36m)-20.7%7,51778,2845.2m ($0.81m)
(Source, 1 Chinese Yuan == $0.1551)

Transformers 3 didn't merely set the new records, it destroyed the old ones. It feels at each passing hour, it is establishing a new record, and this will continue for another couple of weeks, until eventually Avatar's endurance takes over. Here are some of the records it set:

Midnight - 12m yuan / $1.86m (+200% over the previous record of 4m yuan by Avatar)
Thursday w/ midnight - 102.3m yuan / $15.86m (Biggest opening day)
Saturday - 112m yuan / $17.37m (Biggest day ever)
Opening Weekend - 301.7m yuan / $46.79m
Opening Week - 404m yuan / $62.66m (previous record: Avatar's 287m yuan)
# of Showings for the Week - 95,441 (previous record: Avatar's 72,159)
Admissions for the Week - 9,503,646 (previous record: Avatar's 6,510,889, and again Avatar had a full 7 days when it established all its records, while Transformers 3 had just 4)

Transformers 3 also got off to a good start this week with a strong Monday hold, and it appears another week close to $60m is possible. Harry Potter (8/4) and then Smurfs (8/10) will provide good competitions on its 3rd and 4th week, but with such a strong first 14 days, it should clear $150m without sweat. I'm thinking a $170-180m finish.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend Box Office Predictions (Jul 22 - 24): Captain America: The First Avenger, Friends with Benefits

MoviePredicted Gross (m)Change
1. Captain America: The First Avenger57.0$15,343 PTA
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 250.0-70.4%
3. Friends with Benefits21.1$7,211 PTA
4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon12.0-43.7%
5. Horrible Bosses11.0-38.1%
6. Zookeeper9.0-27.0%
7. Cars 25.1-39.3%
8. Winnie the Pooh5.0-36.4%
9. Bad Teacher3.1-39.8%
10. Midnight in Paris1.4-25.4%

Since the last time I wrote my thoughts on the openers, Friends with Benefit saw its BOM poll dipped a bit to 12.0% Opening Weekend and 14.9% Sometime in Theaters, and the buzz has not seemed to pick up much from earlier in the week, so I am lowering my prediction on it a little. The BOM poll has stayed virtually the same for Captain America: The First Avenger, but early reviews (71% at Rottentomatoes so far with 82 reviews) have been good outside the universal bash on the unnecessary 3D post conversion, and for a movie that appeals to adults, it could help bring in some viewers sitting on the fence. The latest advance sales report indicates its Friday could be between what Green Lantern ($21.4m) and Thor ($25.5m) had. Being in July, the Friday-to-Saturday hold will be closer to the former than the latter, although the expected good word-of-mouth should help. Something over $55m looks doable, although I am still not sold on $60m.

After a record setting start and an excellent Monday, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 has fallen back from the pace of The Dark Knight or Pirates of the Caribbean 2 to the pace that a Harry Potter film normally see the last couple of days. Now the question is how well it could rebound on the weekend:

MovieWed-to-ThursThurs-to-FriWeekend IM
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix-9.7%+34.1%3.18
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince-8.8%+36.1%3.16
The Dark Knight-10.4%+41.1%3.24
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest-12.7%+50.1%3.36

Given the aging of Harry Potter fans, the finale could see a small improvement in Friday increase over the last two HP summer releases, but it is also facing the most serious competition on the second weekend among these films (Pirates 2 faced the least competition). A 8% Thursday drop, 39% Friday increase, and 3.18 multiplier would put it around $50m.

It's good news/bad news for Transformers 3: on one hand, it will lose more 3D screens, something that has helped it more than any other blockbusters this summer, but on the other hand, the film that will take away its screens is from the same studio. The two could offset each other in some degree, leaving it to have a 4th weekend drop similar to what the previous two Transformers experienced.

Both openers will provide some direct competition against Horrible Bosses, but like how Bridesmaids handled The Hangover Part II (-20.7%, basically the same as the week before), or how Bad Teacher dealt with Horrible Bosses (-38.5%, despite weaker word-of-mouth and previous weekend being a holiday), Horrible Bosses itself should march on just fine and will eventually join the other three R-rated comedies in the $100m+ club. Zookeeper has so far closely followed the path of Journey to the Center of the Earth, which survived another record-setter, The Dark Knight, on its sophomore frame and then turned in a superb third weekend hold. Zookeeper will face tougher competition from the new releases, but look for it to achieve something similar.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

China Weekly Box Office (07/11 - 07/17): a weak frame before Transformers 3 opens

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. Wu Xia(武侠)51.5m ($7.97m)-48.8%52,3301,507,170152m ($23.51m)
2. Mysterious Island(孤岛惊魂)41m ($6.34m)+70.8%42,8161,323,86165m ($10.06m)
3. Unthinkable(战略特勤组)19.5m ($3.02m)+400%24,049610,71023.4m ($3.62m)
4. Treasure Inn(财神客栈)15m ($2.32m)-42.3%20,045489,87596m ($14.85m)
5. Beginning of the Great Revival(建党伟业)14m ($2.17m)-54.8%14,475455,877355m ($54.88m)
6. Legend of a Rabbit(兔侠传奇)12m ($1.86m)New18,935340,13612m ($1.86m)
7. Konferenz der Tiere(动物总动员)7m ($1.08m)-53.3%9,316201,49661m ($9.43m)
8. Punished(迷途追凶)6.1m ($0.94m)New14,070207,5536.1m ($0.94m)
9. Coming Back(回马枪)4.8m ($0.74m)New9,037163,4874.8m ($0.74m)
10. Rest on Your Shoulder(肩上蝶)4.6m ($0.71m)-34.3%10,680140,03011.6m ($1.79m)
(Source, 1 Chinese Yuan == $0.1547)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Looks at This Week's Openers

For Captain America: The First Avenger:

MovieOW GrossBOM Poll: OWBOM Poll: SiTMTC TrackingReelSource Tracking
Thor$65.7m53.6%26.9%62High 50s
Green Lantern$53.2m39.4%25.1%58Low 50s
The Green Hornet$40.0m (4-day)31.0%24.0%42High 30s
Captain America: The First Avenger?41.8%29.9%50High 40s

There are other similar superhero movies to compare with such as The Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four, but I picked the three above because they're the closest to Captain America in release date, making the Box Office Mojo poll comparison more meaningful, none is a sequel, and all of them have 3D. As we see, the poll numbers fall between Thor and Green Lantern, but much closer to the latter. Does this mean it will open in the mid-50s range? Not necessarily, as Green Lantern has more appeal to the younger audience and thus could see a bit weaker online poll numbers while still opening to the same amount of gross. Captain America would need the Opening Weekend percentage in the 45% range to feel comfortable about a $55m start. As it stands now, something close to $50m appears more likely. This is echoed by the tracking figures. Interestingly, MTC came in higher than RS for the other three movies on the chart as well, but none of them saw significant differences between the two, and the actual opening stayed close to the tracking for all.

Captain America did have a strong start on Twitter, with 4,706 tweets on Monday. However, a great deal of buzz was generated by its upcoming premiere at ComicCon, so its ratio will definitely be higher than what those three films had. With that in mind, the start isn't suggesting a Friday figure bigger than the low 20s. The strength of Harry Potter finale and to some degree Transformers 3, as well as the 3D fatigue, are two main hurdles Captain America may find hard to overcome.

For Friends with Benefits:

MovieOW GrossBOM Poll: OWBOM Poll: SiTMTC TrackingReelSource Tracking
Bad Teacher$31.6m17.9%19.1%25Low 20s
Horrible Bosses$28.3m20.5%20.0%27Mid 20s
Bridesmaids$26.2m13.4%14.4%11Mid teens
No Strings Attached$19.7m10.0%12.3%20Mid 20s
Friends with Benefits?13.5%15.2%21Low 20s

Among the films listed, Horrible Bosses had the best BOM poll but didn't open to as well as Bad Teacher did and just slightly better than Bridesmaids' start. That's because in term of male-female ratio, it appealed to males the most, while Bridesmaids was at the opposite end of the spectrum with its female appeals. Friends with Benefits is somewhere in the middle, so having a poll breakdown similar to Bridesmaids' means it will not open as high. No Strings Attached, in fact, should be the best comparison, and the stronger poll for Friends with Benefits is good news.

Early Predictions:

Captain America: The First Avenger - $51m
Friends with Benefits - $22m

Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Box Office Predictions (Jul 15 - 17): Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Winnie the Pooh

MoviePredicted Gross (m)Change
1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2156$35,657 PTA
2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon20.6-56.3%
3. Horrible Bosses16.0-43.5%
4. Zookeeper10.0-50.2%
5. Winnie the Pooh8.0$3,326 PTA
6. Cars 27.8-48.7%
7. Bad Teacher4.7-47.3%
8. Larry Crowne3.0-49.5%
9. Super 82.3-52.5%
10. Monte Carlo1.3-65.8%

Some crazy numbers are being thrown around for the potential opening weekend gross of the Harry Potter finale, including $180m from a Deadline Hollywood article. Yes, it will shatter the midnight record of $30m that Eclipse set and claim the opening day record as well from another Twilight film, New Moon. However, with such a massive midnight start - there is a possibility that the midnight alone could outgross the rest of Friday, a Saturday drop of over 50% from the opening day becomes very likely, and in order to break The Dark Knight's opening weekend record of $158m, let alone reach the height of $180m (a ridiculous number IMO), a $85m+ Friday could be required.

Here is how I see the dailies will break down. For midnight shows, let us assume 40% of the sales are for 3D screens, and each 3D ticket represents a 35% premium in price, then for the same overall admissions, 3D will help raise the gross by 0.4*0.35 = 0.14 or 14%. With how the midnight culture has grown over the years, the finale factor, and this being on a Friday, I'll project a 20% admissions growth from Eclipse, giving a midnight figure of $30m * 1.2 * 1.14 = $41m.

For the rest of the weekend, I will assume 3D represents 35% of the ticket sales, so a uptick of 0.35*0.35 = 12.25% in dollars. Four of the first five films in the series grossed around $33m from the opening day when excluding midnight, and the last two saw some small increases, with the last one making $37.7m. I'll give this one $38.3m without the premium, or an actual figure of 38.3*1.1225 = $43m. So for the opening day, we are looking at a $84m.

From the chart I posted in a previous blog entry, we see that the only time a Harry Potter opened on a summer Friday, it dropped 5% on Saturday, and that was in early June when not all the schools were out yet instead of the middle of July. The Deathly Hallows Part I saw just a tiny Saturday increase even though it was in November, so a Saturday drop here from Friday without midnight seems likely, although the pure strength of sellouts from the previous day will help push some business over. A 5% drop will put Saturday number at around $41m.

Sunday number has been the most consistent, with the drops from 3 previous summer Harry Potter releases at 24%, 18.9%, and 25.5%. A 25% decline here will give it a $31m Sunday. Then the total for the weekend will be 84+41+31 = $156m. However, if they are that close to The Dark Knight's record, one can't help but wonder if Warner Bros, a studio, along with a few others, that is never shy of making some number tricks out of the hat, will attempt to push it over.

Midnight - $41m
Friday w/o midnight - $43m
Friday - $84m
Saturday - $41m (-4.7% from Friday w/o midnight, -51.2% from Friday overall)
Sunday - $31m (-24.4%)
Weekend - $156m

Among holdovers, Transformers 3 appears to be the most logical choice to benefit from spillover business that all the Harry Potter sellouts will certainly produce; on the other hand, it will also have to face one of the more difficult tasks of losing a lot of 3D and IMAX screens. How the two factors balance each other will be very interesting to observe. If both Harry Potter 7.2 and Transformers 3 had been in 2D as it was the case for the previous two times they met in July, the latter probably would have experienced a 60% Friday increase, but the loss of 3D screens means the majority of the spillover business it receives will be from 2D, and it will result in a decrease in per-theater-average. A 10% dip there will push the Friday increase down to 45% (160% / 1.1 - 1). The Saturday jump will be higher though when the Harry Potter fever subsides a little, as both of the previous Transformers increased close to 34% on the Saturday a Harry Potter film opened. That will give a weekend total close to $21m, which, under the circumstance, is actually not bad. Hancock had a very similar drop against The Dark Knight on its 3rd weekend, but then recovered fine after and had a 3.56 multiplier from that point on. The same multiplier will put Transformers 3's total at $355m. From where I see, the battle for the yearly crown between the two heavyweights will be extremely close.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

China Weekly Box Office (07/04 - 07/10): Wu Xia had a relatively disappointing start

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. Wu Xia(武侠)100.5m ($15.55m)New73,9672,961,980100.5m ($15.55m)
2. Beginning of the Great Revival(建党伟业)31m ($4.80m)-66.3%27,801976,685341m ($52.71m)
3. Treasure Inn(财神客栈)26m ($4.02m)-52.7%35,864848,56381m ($12.53m)
4. Mysterious Island(孤岛惊魂)24m ($3.71m)New16,750759,73424m ($3.71m)
5. Konferenz der Tiere(动物总动员)15m ($2.32m)-31.8%19,775422,41654m ($8.35m)
6. Coursier(终极快递)8.3m ($1.28m)+9.2%15,086277,77715.9m ($2.46m)
7. Rest on Your Shoulder(肩上蝶)7m ($1.08m)New11,798209,7067m ($1.08m)
8. The Devil Inside Me(夺命心跳)6.8m ($1.05m)-18.1%12,648215,87315.1m ($2.33m)
9. Unthinkable(战略特勤组)3.9m ($0.60m)New3,894122,9503.9m ($0.60m)
10. Kung Fu Panda 2(功夫熊猫2)3.2m ($0.50m)-89.3%1,67468,215603.7m ($93.19m)
(Source, 1 Chinese Yuan == $0.1547)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Looking Back at Previous Harry Potter Films

Putting together a chart below. Please let me know if you would like see comparisons on any other data that we can slice.

The Month Opened inNovemberNovemberJuneNovemberJulyJulyNovember
The Day of the Week Opened onFridayFridayFridayFridayWednesdayWednesdayFriday
Theater Count3,6723,6823,8553,8584,2854,2754,125
Screen Count8,1198,5158,900?9,000+near 10,0009,400
Midnight GrossN/AN/A~56.31222.224
Opening Day w/o Midnight32.3329.6333.2733.8232.2335.9837.68
Opening Day32.3329.6338.2740.1244.2358.1861.68
Fri-to-Sat Change+3.6%+15.5%-17.7%-8.5%+9.6%+9.0%-38.0%
Fri-to-Sat Change w/o Midnight+3.6%+15.5%-5.3%+8.6%+9.6%+9.0%+1.4%
Sat-to-Sun Change-27.0%-28.4%-24.0%-29.6%-18.9%-25.5%-34.3%
Internal Multiplier2.792.982.452.562.982.902.03
Internal Multiplier w/o Midnight2.792.982.672.852.982.902.68
Multiplier at the End of 4th Weekend2.652.422.262.382.572.492.06
Overall Multiplier3.522.972.662.822.982.852.36
Overall Gross317.58261.99249.54290.01292.00301.96295.00

Several points immediately coming to mind when looking at the comparison:

1. The screen count had been trending up until the last release. With this being the last film of the franchise, expect it to beat the 9,400 figure, but probably won't exceed 10,000 considering several other films still command good number of screens. The market Half-Blood Prince faced was emptier.

2. The midnight gross has exploded, and this one should certainly continue the trend and most likely exceed The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' current record of just over $30m.

3. Despite the growth of midnight showings, the opening day without midnight has in fact remained relatively stable, so don't expect that portion to grow proportionally as the midnight will. In the last several Harry Potter films, pretty much ever since Prisoner of Azkaban, we have seen the tendency of jumping the gun on the optimistic side just because the midnight or opening day got bigger.

4. Another indication of the Harry Potter fanbase having not grown much at all over time is that the Sunday number has been stable since the first film. It means once the upfront demand burned off, each film basically returned to a similar trajectory, varied only by the date of the year, not the reception of the film itself. The end result is that none of the latter films exceeded the first one in raw total, let alone in admissions; instead, the franchise has simply become more frontloaded toward the first couple of days of the release. It should change with Harry Potter 7.2 due to the finale factor and some help from 3D/IMAX, but we should keep this in mind when following all the reports this week. Nonetheless, it is an exciting event to track. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend Box Office Predictions (Jul 8 - 10): Horrible Bosses, Zookeeper

MoviePredicted Gross (m)Change
1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon46.5-52.5%
2. Horrible Bosses30.4$10,000 PTA
3. Zookeeper22.6$6,500 PTA
4. Cars 214.4-45.2%
5. Bad Teacher8.3-42.8%
6. Larry Crowne7.8-40.4%
7. Super 84.9-38.1%
8. Monte Carlo4.2-43.7%
9. Green Lantern3.6-45.1%
10. Mr. Popper's Penguins3.2-42.2%

The two wide releases this week look to reaffirm a couple of the main box office themes for the summer: strong performances by the R-rated comedies and underachievement of the family-oriented films. First, let us compare the Box Office Mojo polls of Horrible Bosses with similar summer entries from the past:

MovieOW GrossBOM Poll: OWBOM Poll: SiT
The Hangover$45.0m23.9%21.6%
Wedding Crashers$33.9m17.2%23.6%
Bad Teacher$31.6m17.9%19.1%
Knocked Up$30.7m21.0%22.4%
Dinner for Schmucks$23.5m15.9%23.2%
Horrible Bosses?20.4%20.4%

As we could see, Horrible Bosses came out rather well, and $30m appears very much achievable. On the other hand, here is the comparison for Zookeeper:

MovieOW GrossBOM Poll: OWBOM Poll: SiT
Paul Blart: Mall Cop$31.8m7.2%11.6%
Evan Almighty$31.2m17.3%25.7%
Land of the Lost$18.8m14.3%21.2%
Mr. Popper's Penguins$18.4m6.6%11.6%
Yogi Bear (3D)$16.4m5.1%10.3%

The numbers show Zookeeper trails Evan Almighty and Land of the Lost by a significant margin and is even a little worse than what Mr. Popper's Penguins had. However, we have to note that the one outlier in this chart, Paul Blart, happens to star Kevin James too. With it and Grown Ups, James has demonstrated ability to attract more audience outside the online crowd than a similar film without him would typical get, so a benefit of the doubt is warranted.

To project holdovers' performances, we could look for similar films from 2005, the last time July 4th fell on a Monday. For example, Larry Crowne's demo follows closely with Cinderella Man, and its daily changes post holiday resemble what Cinderella Man had as well. Expect a 80% Friday increase and a 3.2+ IM. Herbie: Fully Loaded would be a good comparison for Monte Carlo. A 5% Thursday decline, followed by a 30% Friday increase and 2.73 IM would give it a $4.2m weekend, decent hold given the steep drop the film experienced on its initial Saturday. For Green Lantern, we may look at Revenge of the Sith, as it also had to face a new release from its own studio. Revenge of the Sith did not lose as many screens as Green Lantern will, but Warner Bros is more aggressive than Fox in term of finding ways to boost its existing film' gross when a new one comes out, so the factors could offset each other, leaving Green Lantern to have a much better hold than it had shown the previous couple of weekends.

In the end, Transformers 3 will have no trouble claiming the top spot for the second frame in a row. It has followed War of the Worlds' dailies pretty closely, and it is facing less competition as well as enjoying better word-of-mouth. That should result in a slightly better hold for another $46m+ weekend.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

China Weekly Box Office (06/27 - 07/03): Beginning of the Great Revival three-peated while Treasure Inn started well; Panda 2 crossed 600m yuan

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. Beginning of the Great Revival(建党伟业)92m ($14.23m)-14.8%61,1162,714,665310m ($47.91m)
2. Treasure Inn(财神客栈)55m ($8.51m)New48,1181,833,94455m ($8.51m)
3. Kung Fu Panda 2(功夫熊猫2)30m ($4.64m)-34.8%25,992806,885600.5m ($92.69m)
4. Konferenz der Tiere(动物总动员)22m ($3.40m)+29.4%26,793614,86839m ($6.03m)
5. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan(雪花秘扇)15.7m ($2.43m)-4.8%22,924466,70632.2m ($4.98m)
6. The Pretending Lovers(假装情侣)15m ($2.32m)+20.0%26,325489,71527.5m ($4.25m)
7. The Devil Inside Me(夺命心跳)8.3m ($1.28m)New9,649250,7558.3m ($1.28m)
8. Coursier(终极快递)7.6m ($1.18m)New8,146241,2697.6m ($1.18m)
9. Fast Five(速度与激情5)1.85m ($0.29m)-53.8%1,09648,925254.85m ($39.27m)
10. Sky Fighters(歼十出击)1.25m ($0.19m)New12639,4075m ($0.77m)
(Source, 1 Chinese Yuan == $0.1547)

Monday, July 4, 2011

China Weekly Box Office (06/20 - 06/26): no big openers to challenge Beginning of the Great Revival until Wu Xia

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. Beginning of the Great Revival(建党伟业)108m ($16.69m)-1.8%87,5643,101,665218m ($33.68m)
2. Kung Fu Panda 2(功夫熊猫2)46m ($7.11m)-22.0%44,4891,212,440570.5m ($88.05m)
3. Konferenz der Tiere(动物总动员)17m ($2.63m)New13,840462,45917m ($2.63m)
4. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan(雪花秘扇)16.5m ($2.55m)New17,630483,30416.5m ($2.55m)
5. The Pretending Lovers(假装情侣)12.5m ($1.93m)New15,268392,21812.5m ($1.93m)
6. Skyline(天际浩劫)7.3m ($1.13m)-14.1%11,870232,78056.5m ($7.41m)
7. Love Finally(男得有爱)4.2m ($0.65m)+82.6%13,641152,6716.5m ($1.00m)
8. Fast Five(速度与激情5)4m ($0.62m)-75.0%3,424118,800253m ($38.98m)
9. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides(加勒比海盗4)3.8m ($0.59m)-86.4%2,983112,359465.8m ($71.80m)
10. Na igre 2(超能游戏者)2.8m ($0.66m)-34.9%7,19496,31913.3m ($2.28m)
(Source, 1 Chinese Yuan == $0.1545)