Monday, May 30, 2011

China Weekly Box Office (5/16 - 5/22): Hollywood films continue to dominate as Pirates 4 claimed the biggest opening of the year

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides(加勒比海盗4)149m ($22.95m)New42,5053,685,382149m ($22.95m)
2. Fast Five(速度与激情5)68m ($10.47m)-56,0092,141,732136m ($20.94m)
3. Thor(雷神)17m ($2.62m)-71.2%23,721464,35496m ($14.78m)
4. Life is a Miracle(最爱)15.8m ($2.43m)-53.5%31,373497,48149.8m ($5.23m)
5. A Beautiful Life(不再让你孤单)7.7m ($1.19m)+16.7%18,265241,91014.3m ($2.21m)
6. Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends - The Movie(宇宙英雄之超银河传说)7.6m ($1.17m)-46.5%14,042257,53921.8m ($3.36m)
7. Rio(里约大冒险)1.5m ($0.23m)-72.2%2,14938,392138.5m ($21.27m)
8. The Lost Bladesman(关云长)1.02m ($0.16m)-84.8%4,37032,005159.72m ($24.60m)
(Source, 1 Chinese Yuan == $0.1540)

May keeps heating up.  The pattern has been one Hollywood release a week, and each one has surged past what the previous one achieved.  To put On Stranger Tides' performance into perspective, let's recap how the previous three installments of the franchise had done in China:

The Curse of the Black Pearl - 27m yuan total
Dead Man's Chest - not released
At World's End - 45m yuan opening 6 days, 125m yuan total, the 7th biggest film of the year in China

On Stranger Tides opened on Friday to 36m yuan, and then had excellent Saturday increase to achieve a 4.14 IM, surpassing the 3rd's total in merely three days.  It is also the first May release ever to gross over 100m yuan in its first 3 days.  Further breakdown shows 70% of the gross came from 3D, and 6.2% from IMAX.  As for its long term prospect, Kung Fu Panda 2 will no doubt provide stiff competition, but it should have no trouble crossing 350m, with 400m yuan ($60m) a realistic possibility.

Fast Five held up quite well against the onslaught of Pirates 4, while Thor did not and will only crawl past 100m yuan, a disappointment considering it would just be 5 times its opening day.

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