Friday, September 3, 2010

Inception in China Update: around 16m yuan on Wednesday and 30m yuan after 2 days

Still not official yet, but should be much closer than what my original deduction of early returns showed since it comes from calculation based on two major theater chains in Shanghai and Canton.  The 5-day projection will come down a notch, but the weekend does appear strong and has been picking up stream rapidly, with Saturday looking to exceed what A Simple Noodle Story earned on the same day.  Considering A Simple Noodle Story made 101.32m yuan over its first 4 days, I would expect Inception's 5 day total to fall between 100m and 120m yuan.


  1. Hey. Just checking to see if there's any remotely official data for Inception's 5 Day.

    --Interested person from BOM.

  2. Not yet. The earliest will be tomorrow night.

  3. Ok...LA Times is giving a $13.6M figure for Inceptions 5 Day opening. That's only around 92M Yuan. This data supposedly is coming from Warner Bros.

    Is this even remotely accurate?

  4. There is a 93m yuan number floating around, as well as 105m yuan. Nothing is official yet, but so far I haven't seen anything suggesting a sub-100m yuan 5-day opening.