Wednesday, July 28, 2010

China Weekly Box Office (7/19 - 7/25): Record-breaking start for Aftershock

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. Aftershock(唐山大地震)180m ($26.55m)New52,2934,668,049180m ($26.55m)
2. Knight & Day(危情谍战)16m ($2.36m)-45.9%16,515500,78281.6m ($12.04m)
3. Triple Tap(枪王之王)12m ($1.77m)-55.6%16,279389,105123.5m ($18.23m)
4. Tang Bo Hu Dian Qiu Xiang 2(唐伯虎点秋香2)12m ($1.77m)-50%16,198394,08851m ($7.53m)
5. Toy Story 3(玩具总动员3)6.2m ($0.91m)-32.6%5,405141,423106.4m ($15.68m)
6. Seven Arhat(七小罗汉)4.5m ($0.66m)New3,804137,0284.5m ($0.66m)
7. CJ-7 2(长江七号爱地球)3.8m ($0.56m)-42.4%9,219145,31516.2m ($2.39m)
8. Chernaya Molniya(黑色闪电)3.4m ($0.50m)-15.0%6,521115,4897.4m ($1.09m)
9. Xi You Ji(嘻游记)3.1m ($0.46m)-54.4%6,148117,69127.7m ($4.09m)
(Source, 1 chinese yuan == $0.1475)

Aftershock is the most anticipated domestic film of the year in China, and it did not disappoint out of gate after opening in over 3,000 screens on Thursday and becoming the first Chinese film to be released in IMAX. It first set a new opening day record with 36.2m yuan (3m from midnight), surpassing Transformers 2's 33.71m and Avatar's 33.02m. Director Xiaogang Feng's previous best effort was If You Are the One's 18m yuan, while the previous best opening day for a Chinese film was Red Cliff I's 27m, so Aftershock shattered both. Then it averaged 48m yuan a day over the weekend, including 52.5m on Saturday, easily another record for a domestic film. The weekend overall was the second highest ever behind only Avatar's historical performance.

The long term prospect also looks rosy. The word-of-mouth has been excellent, and it will have the monopoly of IMAX for some time. Monday's estimate came in at 20m yuan, indicating another 180m week could be in store. The August competition is not all that strong, so I could see it reaching 600m yuan ($88.5m) total.

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