Friday, May 7, 2010

Early Friday Number for Iron Man 2 - $55m; weekend projection - $145-148m

From Nikki Finke. The figure includes $7.5m from midnight. However, Nikki is lowballing Iron Man 2's weekend big time. This is early May, where Saturday is normally stronger than Friday. Spider-Man 3 saw a 3% increase on its first Saturday even though it had a mediocre word-of-mouth and higher upfront demand with two hugely popular films before it. I'd expect a minimum of 5% jump tomorrow, and it could be as high as 10%, again without counting the midnight figure. Then Mother's Day will help its Sunday to the tune of 20-25% drop, so the range should be between 7.5+47.5+50+40 = 145 and 7.5+47.5+52+41 = 148m. It's not a record-breaking number, but certainly not disappointing either.


  1. but if Iron Man 1 only had a 6% increase with a deflated Friday due to Thursday night, shouldn't we expect much more frontloading for Iron Man 2?

  2. But the Thursday figure of Iron Man 1 accounted for the gross before midnight, if I understand BOM's breakdown practice correctly, so it should still have had say $1m or so from the midnight, meaning its Friday-to-Saturday increase was around 9% instead.