Tuesday, May 18, 2010

China Weekly Box Office (5/10 - 16): average opening for How to Train Your Dragon

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)Change# of showingsadmissionsTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. Iron Man 2(钢铁侠2)53m ($7.76m)-11.7%40,3381,620,299113m ($16.55m)
2. Ip Man 2(叶问2)26.5m ($3.88m)-62.1%28,979779,870190.5m ($27.90m)
3. How to Train Your Dragon(驯龙高手)18m ($2.64m)New6,053404,85818m ($2.64m)
4. Clash of the Titans(诸神之战)4.1m ($0.60m)-77.2%5,11789,266167.1m ($24.47m)
5. Echelon Conspiracy(夺命手机)3.7m ($0.54m)New4,466119,2013.7m ($0.54m)
6. The Love Of Three Smile: Scholar And The Beauty(三笑之才子佳人)3.0m ($0.44m)+30.4%7,258105,2635.3m ($0.78m)
7. Go LaLa Go(杜拉拉升职记)2.8m ($0.41m)-76.7%6,30992,899123.8m ($18.13m)
8. Zhong Ji Pi Pei(终极匹配)0.9m ($0.13m)New2,24631,8350.9m ($0.13m)
9. East Wind Rain(东风雨)0.62m ($0.09m)-86.2%1,62719,17729.32m ($4.29m)
(Source, 1 chinese yuan == $0.146436)

 It was not a great start for How to Train Your Dragon to say the least, but I am not totally surprised by the number given the 7-week delay.  Many people who are interested in the film due to the good word-of-mouth they heard already saw it online.  It should still see good legs and could reach $10m.

Iron Man 2 had a rather poor hold and could not achieve an increase from the opening week even though it's 7-day vs. 3-day.  Look like it's going to finish around 150m yuan.  Ip Man 2, on the other hand, should cross 200m yuan sometime this week.

The market overall was relatively subdued post May Day holiday and will likely that way until Prince of Persia arrives on the 28th.

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