Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese New Year Holiday Update: 7 new films could not shake Avatar

Because of the week long holiday, the actual figures from China for the last couple of weeks won't be reported until later. However, some early reports have surfaced over the weekend. Despite of 7 new releases entering the most lucrative frame for box office all at the same time, none of them is really eating into Avatar's pie; instead, they are fighting each other and have left quite a few casualties in the process. Between Feb 13th and 19th, the official holiday season of Lunar New Year, Avatar grossed another estimated 120m yuan ($17.57m) to push its total to over $170m. For the new releases, a busy Jackie Chan's latest film, Big Soldiers, had the best performance, followed by the romantic comedy Hot Summer Days, which unsurprisingly took advantage of Valentine's Day to almost dethrone Avatar for one day.

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  1. dear wun xia,
    ill wait for your update. take care and god bless. im already excited for the box office numbers of the 7 new films together with avatar. more power to your website. wish you all the best in life.