Tuesday, January 5, 2010

China Box Office Up 50% in 2009

Some numbers for another fast growing year and the records it set:

1. Total box office: 5.7 billion yuan (around $835m), up 50% from 2008
2. Total admissions: 200m
3. Biggest weekly total: 204m yuan, Dec 7 - 13th
4. Biggest weekly gross by one film: 160m yuan, Transformers 2
5. In 27 out of 52 weeks, the market grossed over 100m yuan, including 10 straight during the summer
6. Titanic's 11-year-old record got surpassed by three films: Transformers 2, The Founding of a Republic, and finally 2012, all of which broke the 400m yuan mark.

(On a side note, with the phenomenal opening Avatar had, many of these records will get reset, in some cases obliterated, in the first couple months of 2010)

The top 100 chart for the year is also available, but the data is by 12/27 only, so I'll wait for the last week's actuals to become known before posting the full chart.

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  1. Hi,
    Did you have the opportunity to update the yearly top 100. If so, could you post it?
    I would appreciate