Saturday, January 9, 2010

Avatar in China Update

According to the forum of a popular Chinese movie site, Avatar has grossed 180m yuan, or $26.4m, by Friday. Even if we err the report on the optimistic side, it still means we are looking at around 250m yuan ($36.6m) for the opening week; an epic start.

Saturday update: early report from the same thread says 60m yuan for Saturday, which would break the old single-day record that Transformer 2 held by 50%. A $40m week is becoming a reality. Un-believ-eable.

Saturday update 2: the total gross after the first six days is revised to 230m yuan.


  1. does this make it a biggest bo shock ever. because this has far surpassed your widest expectations.

  2. Could very well be. $100m was such a ridiculous figure to even think of, even for a market growing as fast as China is. It's always thought that each benchmark is going to be reached one step at a time: now we passed 400m yuan, 500m yuan is going to be the target for the next blockbuster, then 600m yuan, etc. Avatar is going to shatter the perception and set a record that could well last another 10 years like Titanic did.

  3. 35-40 million dollar weekend on week 1!! at this rate the film will break the record in week 2!!! thats amazing especially since many believed that the jan 4th opening date would hurt the films chances...this just proves that no matter what the circumstances, rain or shine, if something is good nothing will get in its excited to see the films rise into the record books and beyond...

  4. I was one of those thinking around 90 mil total but it will suprass that easily