Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Avatar in China: Tuesday - 45m yuan, +28.6%

I thought 20-30% jump from Monday without midnight would have been terrific; it turned out Avatar surged 45%. Avatar has made our jaws drop more than a few occasions in the last three weeks, but what it is on pace to achieve in China could blow all others away in terms of breaking the records and raising the bar.

Tuesday is traditionally a busy movie-going day in China because most admissions are half off, but the total gross may not increase that much for the same reason, as the admissions are offset by the reduced price. So for Avatar to increase 45%, on its second day nonetheless when such a highly-hyped film could still experience some frontloadedness, it is otherworldly. It did get some help from theaters not dropping the price, especially for the 3D screens, to take advantage of the blazingly hot demand. Now it is set to average 40m yuan a day for the rest of the week, for an opening week of 280m yuan, or $41m, which would have already been good enough to place 4th last year. And we are no longer looking at a 600m yuan or even 700m yuan total; instead, 800m yuan ($117.2m) has entered the discussion. Just try to comprehend what it means: 800m... Titanic's 360m yuan record held for 11 years until getting broken by Transformers 2, and Avatar could double it without breaking much a sweat less than a year later and move the current record forward by more than 60%. As impressive as Avatar has done around the world, I don't think it is on pace to break the all-time record by such magnitude in any other country.


  1. Insane, just really amazingly insane. I find these numbers hard to comprehend, because they've been coming towards us so suddenly.

    I suspect this shouldn't come as that big of a surprise, given how much potential there is for growth in China, but still, this is amazing.

  2. that is just insane. if avatar continues to have this kind of crazy run 2b ww will happen. thanks for your updates.

  3. those are huge numbers. 41 million first week, thats phenomenal. In these situations, would they increase theater counts or screenings? I read that there was a big movie coming out in a week or two. Now that this film has become quite a success, how do you think that release will be affected?