Saturday, January 16, 2010

Avatar in China Daily Breakdown (By Saturday)

30m (-9%)
40m (+8%)
31m (-6%)
30m (-6%)
38m (-5%)
56m (-5%)

These are rough figures and the percentages indicate the week-to-week change. As one could observe, the hold has been very steady the second week, and the release of The Spy Next Door on Friday seems to have no effect. It has grossed 512m yuan ($75m) by Saturday and is looking at another $40m week for a $80m+ total.

Many are debating what the effect Confucius will have on Avatar starting next Friday, especially after the news that Confucius is given an extremely wide release, bigger than the scales of Red Cliff and The Founding of a Republic, and will take away almost all of Avatar's 1,800 2D screens. It will no doubt hurt, in particular with state-owned publicity machine behind Confucius full force, but it may not matter all that much in the end. Avatar will already be close to $100m by next Thursday, and so far around 60% of its gross has come from 3D and IMAX. The biggest problem of losing those 2D screens is the increasing difficulty of access to the film for many outside the big cities, but people will find a way. Ice Age 3 earned more than $20m while playing exclusively on 3D, and 3D screen count has almost doubled since then. 11 IMAX screens are also contributing $1.8m a week and have sold out many days in advance. As long as these sources are not cut off arbitrarily, Avatar will continue to earn good money.

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  1. so it's a lock that the film will cross $100 million by next week? my question now is..if the 2d theaters get removed, might that help the film because people will be buying tickets in advanced for the 3d theaters? since these tickets are already there a way to find out how many tickets are already sold for the coming weeks?