Sunday, January 10, 2010

Analyzing from Guangdong's real returns

In China, Guangdong chain is usually the first chain to report the weekly actuals, and here they are:

1. Avatar - 31.56m yuan, New
2. Bodyguards and Assassins - 0.99m yuan, 33.1m total
3. A Simple Noodle Story - 0.13m yuan, 18.54m total

With no other films reported. This is the first time I saw only three films listed on such chart, and Avatar almost grossed as much in the first week than Bodyguards and Assassins did since it opened on Dec 18th. Considering B&A attracts a bigger portion of Cantonese audience, Avatar is for sure to have a bigger nation-to-Guangdong ratio in comparison. Deducting from last week's numbers, Avatar should have made 270m yuan minimum nationwide, so definitely expect the actual to rise, to the range of $42m.

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