Friday, December 11, 2009

China Weekly Box Office (11/30 - 12/06)

Weekly Gross (yuan/dollar)
Total (yuan/dollar)
1. 2012
73m ($10.69m)
424m ($62.1m)
2. Mulan(花木兰)
42m ($6.15m)
72.5m ($10.62m)
3. G-Force(豚鼠特工队)
9.5m ($1.39m)
23.5m ($3.44m)
4. District 9(第九区)
6.0m ($0.88m)
11.4m ($1.67m)
5. Twilight(暮光之城:暮色)
5.2m ($0.76m)
10.2m ($1.49m)
6. Panda Express(熊猫大侠)
2.2m ($0.73m)
19.7m ($2.89m)
7. Mars Baby(火星没事)
1.0m ($0.15m)
9.3m ($1.36m)

Without any new films entering the market, 2012 continued to hold strong and has set the new all-time record in China some time this week. A phenomenal feat considering the previous record holder Transformer 2 had many built-in advantages over the film. And just in time too since three major, I mean really major, local releases are coming this week between 10th and 11th, and they will take over 90% of the available screens. That shows a current problem where the number of screens are still relatively small comparing to the population. An expansion of 30-50% is expected for 2010, so hopefully films could stay longer than the average run of 3 to 4 weeks.

Mulan rebounded well the second week, but unfortunately it was the only breathing period it has. Doesn't look like it will get past much over 100m.

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