Saturday, November 28, 2009

China Weekly Box Office (11/16 - 11/22): 2012 was unstoppable

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)ChangeTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. 2012146m ($21.38m)+67.8%233m ($34.13m)
2. Panda Express (熊猫大侠)10m ($1.46m)New10m ($1.46m)
3. Mars Baby (火星没事)4.6m ($0.67m)New4.6m ($0.67m)
4. Michael Jackson's This Is It (就是这样)1.8m ($0.26m)-71.0%48.0m ($7.03m)
5. Astro Boy (阿童木)1.15m ($0.17m)-67.1%45.5m ($6.66m)
6. The Robbers (我的唐朝兄弟)1.0m ($0.15m)New1.0m ($0.15m)
7. Knowing (神秘代码)0.9m ($0.13m)-86.4%31.9m ($4.67m)

(Using exchange rate of 1 yuan = $0.14647)

I expected 2012 to show an increase for the full week since the opening week contained only 3 days with a Friday release, but a jump of 68% indicates some excellent word-of-mouth among Chinese viewers, and reaching $50m is now all but a certainty. I'm seeing a $55m finish with a possibility to become only the second Hollywood movie ever (after Transformers 2) to reach 400m yuan, or $58.6m.

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