Wednesday, September 30, 2009

China Weekly Box Office (09/21 - 27)

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)ChangeTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. The Founding of a Republic (建国大业)120m ($17.57m)-3.5%245m ($35.88m)
2. Cow (斗牛)2m ($0.29m)-47.4%11.1m ($1.62m)
3. Jing Tian Dong Di (惊天动地)1.5m ($0.22m)-2m ($0.29m)
4. Yi Meng Liu Jie Mei (沂蒙六姐妹)1.1m ($0.16m)-11m ($1.61m)

(Using exchange rate of 1 yuan = $0.1464)

Some argued that the accomplishment of The Founding of a Republic is not really as impressive as it appears because the market is being artificially emptied to help maximize its number. No major films, foreign or domestic, had been released since Sophie's Revenge on Aug 14th, and there won't be any serious competition in the foreseeable future. Such point is indeed valid, but external factors alone would not have pushed it to gross 250m yuan in just 12 days. We won't see another film with so many Chinese stars for at least 10 years (and I doubt they will try to duplicate the same trick when 70th anniversary comes along), so I am very much intrigued to see how far this one could go. With basically the whole nation on vacation from Oct 1 to 8th, it should not have much difficulty crossing 400m yuan ($58.6m), and surpassing Transformer 2 to become the No. 1 film all-time in China is definitely within reach.

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