Thursday, August 20, 2009

China Weekly Box Office (08/10 - 08/16): Ziyi's Latest film

MovieWeekly Gross (yuan/dollar)ChangeTotal (yuan/dollar)
1. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (特种部队:眼镜蛇的崛起)43m ($6.29m)+65.4%69m ($10.10m)
2. Up (飞屋环游记)28m ($4.10m)+27.2%50m ($7.32m)
3. Sophie's Revenge (非常完美)25m ($3.66m)New25m ($3.66m)
4. On His Majesty's Secret Service (大内密探零零狗)20.5m ($3.0m)-41.4%90m ($13.10m)
5. Overheard (窃听风云)8.5m ($1.24m)-51.4%85m ($12.44m)
6. McDull-Kungfu Ding Ding Dong (麦兜响当当)5.6m ($0.82m)-49.1%70m ($10.25m)
7. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (冰川世纪3)5.2m ($0.76m)-31.6%
148m ($21.66m)
8. Doraemon 3 (哆啦A梦3)2.2m ($0.32m)-40.5%6m ($0.88m)
9.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (哈里波特6)2.0m ($0.29m)-60.0%157m ($22.98m)
10. Tracing Shadow (追影)1.9m ($0.28m)-64.2%12.2m ($1.79m)

(Using exchange rate of 1 yuan = $0.14637)

The only new release is Ziyi Zhang(章子怡)'s latest film Sophie's Revenge. Being also one of its producers, Ziyi has done a lot of promotion personally back in China. The film opened on Thursday to 4.4m yuan and then received a nice bump over the weekend. Romantic comedies has come far and few in between this summer, so I expect to see a leggy performance in the next few weeks for a potential 100m yuan run.

With no new direct competition, foreign films are experiencing some excellent holds, topped by G.I. Joe's 65.4% increase. One caveat is that the increase percentage is by comparing its full 7-day gross last week vs. its initial week, which G.I. Joe had only three days since it was released on a Friday. Still, it is very impressive, and now it should no trouble clearing the triple-digit milestone. Up had a terrific hold as well given it initially opened on Tuesday. I definitely see 100m yuan in the future as well.

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