Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weekend Box Office Predictions (Jul 31 - Aug 2)

MoviePredicted Gross (m)Change
1. Funny People31.0New
2. G-Force20.6-35.0%
3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince19.0-35.5%
4. The Ugly Truth14.5-47.5%
5. Aliens in the Attic8.0New
6. Orphan6.6-48.7%
7. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs5.5-34.6%
8. Transformers: The Revenge of Fallen4.7-42.1%
9. The Proposal4.7-26.3%
10. The Hangover4.6-28.8%
11. (500) Days of Summer2.4+46.7%
-. The Collector1.3New

None of this week's new releases look particularly strong. Funny People is certainly in the best shape, with star power and good reviews. However, seeing Major Theater Chain tracking significantly lower than Reel Source is a concern. The reactions to its trailer are also not very enthusiastic. Aliens in the Attic is attacking a crowded market for families and likely to crash pretty hard. Getting to double digits in its opening weekend will be considered a success. The box office poll for The Collector is very similar to Captivity, and Freestyle Releasing has shown little success in the past. There is no indication the film will open above $2m.

Among holdovers, G-Force has seen excellent midweek numbers after a somewhat weak opening IM. 3D screens are definitely helping its legs, and Aliens will not be strong enough to post a serious threat. To compare, Ice Age 3 dropped only 33.8% on its second weekend, but that was partly due to having July 4th falling on its first Saturday. Still, G-Force just needs 40% Friday increase to have another $20m+ weekend.

Harry Potter 6 received an expected bump on Wednesday for the start of its IMAX showings, and the stabilization should continue into the weekend as well, even though IMAX will make the Friday increase a bit smaller. The Order of the Phoenix saw a 53.6% Wed-to-Wed drop translate to a 45.5% weekend decline; The Half-Blood Prince's Wed-to-Wed decline was 39%, so a 35% drop for the weekend is very much achievable.

After a very positive opening, The Ugly Truth will face its biggest obstacle for sustainability in Funny People, as films of the same rating that target similar demographics tend to cannibalize one another. Fortunately for The Ugly Truth, it should retain a lot of its older female audience, which is a big percentage according to the survey. That could be enough for it to avoid a 50% drop.

Orphan's midweek has been surprisingly strong despite a mild opening, a possible indication that its good WOM among horror fans is spreading. However, Funny People could make its Friday increase rather small with its direct competition. On the other hand, Transformers 2 successfully survived losing IMAX theaters to HP6 and should have another reasonable hold. So will Ice Age 3, as it had already lost all its 3D screens and no longer needs to worry about that this weekend. The Proposal and The Hangover will have the best drops of any top 10 films again, while (500) Days of Summer will continue to make its rise by expanding to 266 theaters and still maintaining a high PTA.


  1. Definitely agreed on G-Force. Ice Age should also hold better than 30% this weekend as it got hit hard last weekend. The Collector will determine everyone's Derbys, no doubt.

  2. My biggest difference is on Potter - I'm not confident that IMAX can aid it into the -30's, but it will be cool if it does.

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